Saturday, 26 November 2011

Weekend away.

This weekend my father, two sisters and I have returned to my home town in South Wales. We are staying at my grandparents small bungalow that just about manages to fit us all in. My Dad has managed to go out for the night with his friends, nothing fancy just 'a ruby with the lads', while we mere children suffer 'X-Factor', 'I'm a Celebrity' and 'Strictly Come Dancing' with the grandparents. People say to embrace and enjoy your teenage years, I think I am doing just that.
I can't complain, I'm being spoilt with sweets and treats my mother would only ever let us have every now and again. I don't want to become one of those teenagers that would rather go out wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination and get what some may call 'trollied' than see their family. Spending my weekends listening to stories from 'the good ol' days' is what keeps me far from those wild beings.
Anyway, it's hard to hate old people; they are the last surviving beings from a lost age, the remains of a time been and gone. And let's face it, they come out with some of the funniest stuff sometimes.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My parents are difficult, I suppose I would say that being a teenager an' all, but they are VERY hard to please. I should be going to a friend's party tonight but my parents decided I should stay at home. They are paranoid I will get overly drunk or have an overdose on some sort of illegal substance; it's nice to know they put their trust in me. I think it's something all teenagers have experienced and dealt with. We can complain all we want about our parents but nothing will change their love towards us misunderstanding teens. One thing that keeps me going, is the thought that one day I will contain the same power my parents have and I to will be able to release it onto my children. I long to send the little slaves up the stairs everytime my senile old mind forgets something; nag them constantly to tidy their room; never let them go out unless they comply with ridiculous conditions such as completing homework or passing grade 5 piano (even if they have never played) and generally make their lives hell. Not that I'm bitter or anything.