Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year.

Well, it's the 3rd January 2012 and the world still hasn't ended, good start. I have still not come up with definite new years resolutions, none that I know I will stick to anyway. So far I have come up with to stop biting my nails; we all know it's not going to happen! I would like to have some resolutions. The new year isn't complete without a false sense that 'the new year means a new you' when actually you will be the same as last year but a year older and a year wiser.
This year I will definitely spend more time with friends and family, take more pictures and study hard but I think I've gone for really easy targets. Maybe I should do something more out my comfort zone like stop watching Coronation Street to watch something that all the youth are watching now a days like 90210 or something.
What ever I decide to watch, I'm going to make this year a good 'un.

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